Little Jackson is a miracle

By Robert Dudley | Dec 20, 2013

We gathered at the hospital on that faithful morning to witness and enjoy the birth of our first Grandson Jackson, all seemed normal to start, but at about 10:15 a.m. the doctor informed us there was a problem.

We watched as nurses and doctors ran (and I mean ran) in and out of the room. Lots of other people we did not know ran in and out also. Then we that were waiting, (Wayne was in the room with Ashley). We were told Jackson was not breathing.

Prayers went up, our pastor was called, a friend, now a pastor, was called, family was called that were not here.

How is he? What is happening? We could see nothing except people running.

Then the word came out he was not breathing nor was his heart beating. Please save little Jackson, we pleaded. Hundreds, if not thousands of prayers went up. We even had church members overseas that found out and were praying. Jackson was officially born at 10:08 a.m. Nov. 14, 2011.

I immediately thought back to 30 odd years ago when his daddy Wayne was born by emergency C-Section with the cord around his neck three times (he was a miracle then).

But we needed one now.

After what seemed like hours, Jackson was moved out of the delivery room and into another room, with people still running in and out, round and round. We heard that MAMA was put on standby, but the weather was raining and nasty and MAMA could not fly.

Around noon Jackson was transferred by ambulance to Mission Hospital, where he stayed in ICU for two or three weeks, all the time us not knowing if any damage was done.

But all our prayers were answered, and he is and was our early Christmas miracle.

This past Nov. 4, Jackson celebrated his second birthday and he seems to be a normal 2 year old, smart as a whip and doing great. Thank you Lord Jesus.


Robert W Dudley

Jackson’s parents are Wayne and Ashley Dudley. His grandparents are Robert and Delores Dudley and Jerry and Cathy Pace.