Local Altrusans Celebrate Centennial with Acts of Kindness

By Julie Keiper | Apr 15, 2017
Photo by: Altrusa Centennial Logo

Altrusans have a passion for service. They love to serve needs in their communities especially through hands-on efforts, working with other groups, and fund raising events. In 2017 Altrusa International celebrates 100 years of service in clubs throughout the world.

In honor of the 2017 Altrusa International Centennial, Silvia Silverman, president of Altrusa International, kicked off the centennial planning and then the work began. Clubs around the world were challenged to have each member donate 100 hours of time to community service, each club to provide 100 books to increase literacy, and each district to grow 100 new members during the year leading up the centennial celebration in Nashville, Tennessee, in July 2017.

The Altrusa International Club of Waynesville celebrated the centennial by challenging members to volunteer 100 hours during the fiscal year, collect 100 books to donate to local charities and collectively submit 100+ random acts of kindness for the “Pay It Forward Project”. Practicing random acts of kindness brings back awareness of others and allows you to touch lives. Not only is it a wonderful surprise for the recipient, but it brings an emotional lift to the giver as well.

If you would like to network with other energetic service-minded individuals in the Haywood County area, make new friends, learn new skills, and give back to the community, please take a closer look. Each Altrusa member has been singled out as a recognized leader in business, industry or a profession in the community. As Altrusans, members channel their talents to the organizations' community service focus and experience opportunities for professional growth, leadership development and that special camaraderie that comes when peers share common goals and rewards. To learn more, visit www.waynesvillealtrusa.org or visit our Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/groups/waynesvillealtrusa. We would love to have you join us!

Altrusa International of Waynesville’s Random Acts of Kindness:

Added a friend to my paid iFit membership as I know she cannot afford membership for a gym

After a long flight, I complimented a mom on how well behaved her children were

After I wash my hands in a public place, I always wipe down the faucet and sink

Bought and delivered a hot dinner to a family who was feeling under the weather

Bought lunch for a veteran who was dining at Ammon's

Brought a hot meal to my elderly neighbor

Carried Groceries to car for an older couple

Donated blood - saving 3 lives!

Donated boxes and boxes of clothing and books to Goodwill and donated unused gifts to a non-profit fundraiser to be used as prizes

Drove a lady to work whose car would not start

Each time I meet a veteran, I shake their hand and thank them for their service.

Each year, I volunteer to be the bingo caller at a fundraiser

Gave a ride to someone without a car to Celebrate Recovery

Gave money to someone to fix their car when they couldn't afford it

Gave up my two free tickets to Mardi Gras to a fellow coworker who really wanted to go

Have been praying and counseling with a terminally ill lady. Trying to boost her morale. She is remarkable.

Have been sharing a lot of my business knowledge with a young person who is trying to make major financial decisions. Also helped her establish a budget.

Held doors open for folks

Held the door for an elderly man.

I always greet and thank people by name such as cashiers and servers

I always put a tip in the tip jar at Subway and the coffee shop because few people do

I always wave hello to the old man who is walking down Russ Avenue every morning at the same time

I bought breakfast for my coworkers!

I bought essential supplies for a person traveling alone by bike such as a repair kit, tire tubes, batteries, and food.

I brought some frozen meals to a friend who just got out of the hospital

I brought water and snacks to the utility guys working out my house

I chatted up a shy person at a meeting who was sitting alone all day

I donated blood - love that it can save up to three lives!

I donated my airline miles to charity

I donated my old computer and printer to a non profit organization

I drop quarters in random places for others to find

I gave a ride to a person who is unable to drive and was walking up Russ Avenue on a cold Snowy day.

I gave away all of my moving boxes and packing materials to another family who was moving

I gave my Eno hammock to a man who chooses to be homeless and was sleeping on the ground

I gave out five micro loans on the online service, Kiva to help others in theird world countries.

I gave the book 'How to Survive the Loss of a Love" to numerous people who have suffered losses

I gave up my seat at a long meeting to a much older lady

I had a 20% off coupon and gave to the next person at the check out.

I have a secret pact with the wife of a friend who has dementia, to "meet and run into them" when they are shopping because he really likes me and still recognizes me

I have an acquaintance that has recently been diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma . I have been sending her cards but on the 12th I went for a visit to her house and spent a couple of hours with her just talking about fun things. No sickness talk. She and I both hugged each other and felt very uplifted by the fun.

I have helped a friend completely remodel her bathroom free of charge ( no design fees) and supervised the workers for her. I gets finished this week. She loves it!

I helped decorate for a fundraiser for Folkmoot

I helped some friends move (twice!)

I helped someone unload their groceries into their car and returned buggy

I left a very generous tip for a wonderful server who I know could truly use it

I left the change in the vending machine for the next person

I let people use my hotel card to get out of the parking garage as they had no cash

I let several cars get out of a side street in front of me.

I let several people ahead of me in line at the grocery store who had fewer items

I let someone use my AAA when they were locked out of their car

I loaned my advantage card to someone at the grocery store - saved them over $15

I notified someone that they had a flat tire when they didn't know it

I offered to buy hot chocolate for a lady standing out in the cold ringing the Salvation Army bell

I paid for book fees for an acquaintance who is going back to school

I paid for the fast food meal of the car behind me (a young mom and kids)

I paid off three layaway accounts for toys at Walmart at Christmas time

I prepared a meal for a family of 20 whose "Nana" had passed away and delivered it and served it

I pulled my elderly female neighbors lawn mower out of the pond.

I purchased Christmas gifts for children alone at Christmas at Broyhill Home (orphanage)

I purchased clothes for a child that was reported to not have any

I put five shopping carts back in place on a cold rainy day when the woman working there looked miserable.

I sent a care package to my daughters friend in college with lots of gluten free foods and treats

I sent dessert to the sweet elderly couple having dinner a few tables over at the restaurant

I shared an overheard compliment with a coworker who had just had a very tough weekz

I shared an overheard compliment with a coworker who is extraordinarily busy

I struck up a conversation with the person with me in the elevator at the hospital who seemed scared.

I took all my change to Coinstar and donated it to charity

I took an elderly friend to visit with a friend of hers in Asheville because she doesn't drive that far

I took food to a family that had lost a member

I took food to the Homestead (hospice) for the employees

I took lunch to a shut-in and spent 3 hours with her visiting. It did both of us good!

I took my sister on a 10 day vacation to San Francisco and Oregon. We both had a great time.

I took photos of a friend's grandfather's former house in NYC while I was visiting there so they could see it

I took time to escort someone where they were going when they were lost

I transported a friend for outpatient surgery and drew smiley faces on her leg while she was asleep.

I volunteer at FUR - feline urgent rescue and help with the cats

I volunteer at STAR Ranch and clean stalls for the rescue horses

I volunteered at a homeless shelter in Asheville during the bitter cold of winter

I went to check on a girl who was sitting in her car crying to see if she needed assistance.

Invited a family who was waiting in the Emergency Room to join us for a free dinner in the cafe (dinner seminar)

Let a lady in the check out line in front of me because she was not feeling well.

Let people go ahead of me in lines while shopping

Let people go ahead of me in traffic

My family made Thanksgiving dinner for a gentleman with no family or money.

Offered a friend a place to stay since she had to be in Waynesville for an event.

Offered support and a hug to a friend that had just been diagnosed with cancer.

Packaged leftover catered food to send home with seniors at the hospital

Picked up a friend with no transportation or money and took her to a festival and out to lunch at my expense.

Put shopping buggy away for parent with small child

Said Thank You and smiled to as many people as I could

shared a pork roast with someone who doesn't cook for themselves

Shared my corporate philanthropy contact list with another non-profit organization

Shared wonderful compliments with a coworker who I do not know, but I had overheard others singing her praises

Surprised my neighbor with a hot meal who has been sick for several weeks

Today and person left $ 400 on our teller line and I with the help of technology returned it to it to it's owner.

Took a lot of time to fill out an evaluation for a customer service person, hopefully to help them in their job.

Took a tag off local tree and bought Christmas for a 6 year old boy

Used my employee discount to let a friend buy passes to the Aquarium

Volunteered as a chaperone for a youth organization

Volunteered as a chaperone for youth choir rehearsal

When everyone around me at work was gossiping, I changed the subject and said something nice

Whenever it snows, I shovel the driveways and sidewalks for two elderly neighbors

About Altrusa:
Altrusa International of Waynesville was organized on February 14, 1980 and sponsored by the Asheville Altrusa Club.  For the past 37 years, the Haywood county-based club has supported the community through a variety of service projects including Vocational Student of the Month, Read to Me Literacy projects at local preschools, school supply and tennis shoe drives, Make a Difference Day, Support our Soldier projects, and the annual Soup & Cornbread fundraiser which has raised over $140,000 of scholarship funds which were granted to Haywood County college-bound students.

Organized in Nashville, Tennessee, in 1917, the first service organization for business and professional women, today Altrusa International has members around the world and includes men. Leadership and service are primary reasons for individuals to choose Altrusa.