Long live Camp Hope

May 17, 2013

Congratulations to the Town of Canton for winning a lawsuit that would have turned Camp Hope into a private playground.

Anyone who has studied the history of Chamption International and its generous founder, Reuben B. Robertson, could easily conclude the trial ended the way he would have wanted it to.

While the victory is sweet, the recently concluded trial challenging the town’s use of the property holds several important lessons for the future.

Until now, Camp Hope — and its continued use by area residents —has been taken for granted. Complacency about Camp Hope could result in yet another challenge to the town’s right to use it. The town should reach out to others in the county and the region, not only to help improve the facility, but make it more widely available.  Many in the area are still unaware of Camp Hope and all it has to offer. The town should take a lead in getting the word out.

Camp Hope could be far more that just a place where area groups, churches or individuals can enjoy the outdoors. It could easily be a site for economic development. Visitors travel hundreds of miles to enjoy the mountains, rivers and wildlife that Western North Carolina has to offer.

The 100-plus acre Camp Hope not only offers all of the above, but it has facilities where large groups can gather and spend the week.  While the groups are here, it is logical they will spend a day or two in nearby towns as well.

The possibilities are endless. Let’s get started.

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Posted by: Jena K Sowers | May 18, 2013 12:46

Thats all fine and good but the law suit was not brought against Canton for not allowing visitor's from other areas using the property. It was brought against them for not having programs that the majority of use went to the people of Canton, Haywood County and surrounding areas.

So come on people there are many groups in Haywood County such as Healthy Haywood or businesses that could come up with a summer activity that might turn a kid on to a life long love of say archery or maybe just the great outdoors.

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