Looper video review

By Max Maier | Feb 13, 2013

Before I begin, I'd like to ask if anybody would want to see a particular movie or subject mentioned in here, please let me know. Now, I can't see everything unfortunately. However, I will be seeing the new Die Hard this weekend, a review will follow that. But please, if you have a suggestion, please let me know!


Ok, Looper. When i first saw the trailer and commercials for this movie, I was sold. A brand new sci-fi thriller movie with 2 of my favorite actors(Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt)? Sign me up! Unfortunately I had to wait until DVD to see it. Then, the moment came to see it and I was very excited.......then I watched it.

I'll start with the good stuff about the movie first, starting with the biggest plus: Joseph Gordon-Levitt (JGL). The man is already a powerhouse actor. I've already mentioned him in Dark Knight Rises. But in this movie, he had to play a young Bruce Willis. Bruce Willis is one of the most recognizable, successful and badass actors in action movies (and other genres too), and JGL nails this performance at every turn. JGL managed to recreate his facial expressions, his laugh, his manuerisms, his comedic timing and a younger version of his voice. JGL delivered a knock-out performance and it is one of the most impressive things I've seen in movies. Yes, they did CGI his face to make him look like Willis, but it isn't that bad.

Willis does a great job too. We may not see too much of him, but when he is on screen, he gives a great performance. His role is a very interesting, he begins as a hero like character that you root for, but everything is not quite what it seems. His character in the movie is very well handled and brings good depth to the story.

The story is well made too. It is an original concept (for the most part), with some unique themes that really has you on edge, in the first half. Now comes the rest of the review, the bad.

The story, while it has some unique plot devices and 2 amazing actors driving it, the rest of the story is a let down. The supporting cast is meh at best. Pretty forgettable and not really a standout amongst them. Some of the characters introduced early, don't even get proper recognition later on. (Joe's love interest?)Willis and JGL are the characters that will really stick with you....except....the brat.....

Cid, the little boy, who I can't say too much about due to plot, struck the wrong chords for me. The key to having a successful child character is to make them...a kid. Like Kevin in Home Alone, or the kids in Jurassic Park and Harry potter in his early films. The key is to make them act like believable kids. Yes, these kids can do miraculous things that might be a little bit of a stretch, but if their personalities still resemble what a kid is like, then you have a successful kid character. Cid has the same problem that I think Carol has in The Walking Dead, they don't....act...like...kids. I'm not just talking about maturity to a degree, I'm talking about unbelievable older or in a way out there mental state. I'm not saying keep every kid the same, but there is a certain element that makes kid characters successful. Like young Forest and Jenny in Forest Gump. Those were great performances and representations of unique kids. Cid just came off as annoying, way to messed up and everytime he came on screen, I groaned. I'm not saying the kid is a bad actor, but the character is just flat out unlikable.

The other big problem is the story. The first act of the movie is very interesting in the way Inception was a few years ago. The hype for the plot really builds up and then....wimped out with a flop. The story just gets BORING. I'm not exaggerating that. The story comes to a screeching halt in pace and slows down to a really boring experience. The climax picks up a little bit towards the end, but really doesn;t make up for the boring half of the movie that we have to watch. I wanted to see more creativity with the world and its goings on. I wanted to get more from Bruce Willis' character and his world. The conversation JGL and Willis have is fantastic, and I wanted more moments like that. The comparison between the characters' experiences would have made a great movie, and a different direction could have made this movie the next breakout hit. Unfortunately what we get is 2 great characters with many possibilities put into a boring story without a lot of payoff at the end.

If you are looking for a great sci-fi movie, there are plenty of better movies out there, but if you are a fan of Willis or JGL, it's worth it to watch the scenes between the 2 and their performances are great to see, I'm just sorry you have to witness the rest of the movie. It's a Good Day for Looper to Die Hard.

I give Looper a 2 out of 5,

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