Maggie falls in love with fall

Sep 13, 2016
Photo by: Paul Viau MAKING MAGGIE SHINE  — Hundreds of pumpkins were used by volunteers in Maggie Valley to dress up the town for Fall Days.

The Maggie Valley Fall Days committee has been working hard decorating the town to celebrate the spectacular beauty of fall. This week, business owners and residents decorated all 300 telephone poles along Soco Road.

The decorating volunteers used pumpkins, straw, mums, cushaws, Cinderella pumpkins, large candyroasters, corn shocks, Indian corn and scarecrows to dress up the town.

That’s a lot of hay hauling and corn stalking — but Maggie Valley will be dressed for fall and ready to greet the annual throngs of ‘leaf-peepers.’

“We have so much to be proud of in this area, we dress it us for our visitors and everyone who lives here,” said Sue Pendley, of Maggie Mountaineer Crafts and head of the Fall Days decorating committee. “This is our 19th year of making Maggie shine for fall.”

Pendley loves this labor of love each September. She started the annual fall decorating 19 years ago with Jeff and Marianne Smith. Pendley greatly appreciates all the “helpers,” who make this effort possible.

“We had visitors that were only here for a week who helped tie corn onto the poles,” Pendley said. “There were 28 helpers, including some from the Town of Maggie, Myra Glover, Dan Drye, Beth Brown, businesses such as Maggie Mountaineer Crafts, the Jonathan Creek Inn, Creekside and A Holiday Motel and two DOT personnel from Franklin. Bill and Louise helped show newcomers how to tie corn on the poles. We’ve had great volunteers over the years and appreciate all of them.”

Happy fall, y’all!