Maggie Valley litter pick up draws new volunteers

Sep 25, 2013
Photo by: Dave Dudek From left to right, Brad Wright, David Herbertson, Anthony Green, Gary Gladden, CCC Secretary JoAnna Swanson and Michael Mascarena pose for a picture after picking up litter.

The Commission For a Clean County (CCC) met at the Maggie Valley Town Hall on a rainy, windy Saturday, Sept. 21, to pick up trash at various points along Soco Road. The unusually large number of volunteers who showed up were dispersed along the road for several miles.

CCC board members, who for the last 12 years have been emphasizing community concern for environmental cleanliness, were very gratified and grateful for all the volunteers. Among them were Maggie Mayor Ron DeSimone, his wife Joann and alderman candidate Janet Banks. All three worked for more than two hours bending, stooping and climbing into gullies to clean up litter.

Four "guests" of the sheriff also came, along with Supervisor Brad Wright. The Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints had several representatives. With CCC board members, the civic-minded trash collectors numbered 20.

The CCC does road litter pick-ups six months a year from May through October. Members clean at least one road in each town and one in the county.

A light rain does not deter the CCC, but no litter pick-up is done in a heavy rain or thunderstorm. Those with questions may call CCC Secretary JoAnna Swanson at 452-1550.