Making your wedding registry

By DeeAnna Haney | Jul 30, 2014

About a month ago, Matthew and I finally decided to make our wedding gift registries. We've been engaged for a year and a half and waited until July to register, due to equal parts procrastination and lack of enthusiasm. But my biggest reason was this: because our wedding is in early Fall, my fear was that some of the items we registered for in the summer might be replaced with new stock come August and September to make way for Fall items.

Despite this fear, I was beginning to get questions from church and family members about where we were registered, which pushed us to stop making excuses and just get it done. This was our experience and some pieces of advice I have to offer.

We started with Walmart, which wasn't the best experience. Once we made it to the customer service desk we were told to go to the jewelry department, where the registry equipment was supposedly located. Then, we were sent to the electronic department, where we were told the registry equipment was broken and our only option was to register online.

I was frustrated and a little disappointed. I would much rather be able to walk through the aisles and find items we like and know are in stock at our local store. We wandered for a while and jotted down some items to pick out online, but when I got home I realized that there are some items in the store that can't be found online, and vice-versa. What a pain.

Next, we went to Target, which, in contrast, was a wonderful experience. If you have a smart phone, do yourself a favor and download the Target registry app. After putting in all your info, this handy app allowed us to scan the barcode on each registry item and it was automatically uploaded to our registry. So easy!

Here are some more tips:

1. Think Ahead — Before you ever go to a store, take the time to jot down items you need and/or want. Separate your list into categories: kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom, cleaning supplies, etc. This will prevent you from being overwhelmed when you start your registry.

2. Make Time — Completing your registry will probably take more than an hour of your time. Our Target registry took about two hours to complete in the store. That's because you want to be as comprehensive as possible. So go on a day when you have no other plans.

3. Vary your Items — Select items in various price ranges. Some people will want to keep it cheap. Others might want to go in with a friend and buy you that expensive coffee maker you want.

4. Make it Special — In addition to setting aside time to actually do your registry, try to make it a bonding time with your partner. If your guy is like mine, he will probably be reluctant to join you to do the registry in the first place. Promise to take him to his favorite restaurant or brewery afterward and he will be much more willing.

5. Compromise — Even though a lot of wedding showers are bride focused, keep in mind that it's not all about you. When your guy says he wants to register for something, let him do it. Electric screwdriver? Shaving kit? Go for it. It's his wedding too.

The only thing Matthew and I were in disagreement about was a bathroom mat, of all things. He wanted a memory foam mat, and I wanted the bath mat with a cuter design. I gave in pretty quickly, though, because his input matters to me. A bath mat isn't something to fight over.

There are some people who choose to bypass the registry altogether, and that's fine too! I've heard of people having gift card showers, which is a great idea. A couple I know simply requested guests give a donation to a charity in their name instead of a gift. In this day and age, you're free to be creative.

Also, some smaller, local stores have wedding registries too. I'm thinking about making a registry at Robin Blu in Hazelwood. Ask your favorite store if they offer wedding registries or a wish list!

Now stop procrastinating and go register!