March 11 reader letters

Mar 11, 2013

Empty Bowl has another great year

To the editor:

We wish to express our sincere thanks to all of those who helped to make our 12th Annual Empty Bowl Dinner a wonderful success.

To all of our area potters who donated bowls, those who provided entertainment, those who did the food prep and dishwashers, and to all of those who came out in threatening weather to purchase a bowl, we say a huge “Thank You!”

May God richly bless you for participating in this event and making it possible for us to partner with you and reaching out all year long to those in need in our county.

The Open Door Ministry Team, Julia Hoyle; director,

Perry Hines

No room for politics

To the editor:

Things have changed a great deal since we last elected a sheriff in Haywood County. Our interim sheriff, having now been selected by the Democrat Party, has a great challenge ahead.

Most have heard me say that there is no room for politics in professional law enforcement, and I am determined to make it so. As your elected sheriff in 2014, I will not be owned by any political party, process of appointment or special interests.  I will belong only to the people of our county and my full determination to make our home as safe as it can be. Future generations are counting on us to make things better.

I have talked with many of our families and businesses in Haywood County. We face a terrible problem with drugs and their devastating effects in our community, and as sheriff in 2014, I will attack the sale and use of illicit drugs that are harming our children and destroying our families.

Our children will remember Haywood County as their home, and I will dedicate my every effort to a legacy of strength, leadership, and integrity from my post as sheriff. I am looking to your full support.

Bill Wilke



Maggie should get tourism funds

To the editor:

In a recent letter TDA board ember Ken Stahl made reference to what he and others perceive to be the issue with the new tax. Allow me to clarify our position. The majority of “opposition” coming from Maggie Valley is not the way the new board, which you have stated won’t even have approval power, is being seated.

The opposition is on many fronts: First, we do not want the tax increase. Second, we don’t want you people getting your hands on our money. Third, you people know the projects you want to fund should be paid by funds from property tax dollars, not from the pockets of tourists. Fourth, this is being crammed down our throats during one of the most economically frustrating times in our history. Fifth, it’s dubious, and ironic at best, that you people decide to do this after the business community in Maggie Valley discussed the prospects of collecting the tax to use for projects benefiting our own town. Sixth, you people do this during a period when you know many lodging owners, who bear the brunt of any backlash from the tax, are out of town for the winter.

We don’t want you people getting your hands on any more tax money from our tourists. And we certainly do not want the TDA or commissioners telling us how we can spend it. We want Maggie Valley to collect the tax. We want Maggie Valley to administer the spending by a committee of Maggie Valley citizens.

Maggie Valley has always collected the majority of the “bed tax” in Haywood County. It’s high time you people listened to us for a change.

Allen Alsbrooks

Maggie Valley