March Microchip Madness

By Animal Hospital of Waynesville | Feb 29, 2012
Photo by: Animal Hospital of Waynesville

Animal Hospital of Waynesville — So I have taken on another important role here at the Animal Hospital of Waynesville.  I am now the Ambassador of HOMEAGAIN Microchips.

Did you know?....

That getting lost is the number 1 reason of pet deaths.

1 in 3 will go missing at some point in their lifetime.

Without ID, 90% will never return home.

So what s the best way to ensure your pet has the best ID around??? Get them a HOMEAGAIN Microchip. I did not have one before I came to run (live) at the Animal Hospital. But one of the first things the staff did was to give me my own HOMEAGAIN Microchip. And boy am I happy they did.

You know it is easy for indoor only pets to get out. Actually happened to me a few weeks ago. My staff had opened a window in the lab and I was just going to peek outside and see what was going on. Well I had forgotten that the screen was out of the window and I leaned out a little too far and POW…  SPLASH…. right into a cold nasty mud puddle. I was a little shaken up to say the least.  Luckily I’m the kind of cat who can keep her cool under stressful situations and was able to pick myself up, shake off the nasty water and gracefully jump back into the window. After my return I heard some of my staff talking about my little mishap and I could hear the fear of what if she hadn’t came back and excitement that I did. They just love me soooo much! But if I had lost my cool and ran the wrong way or they closed the window I would have been lost and alone.  Just knowing that I have a microchip that could reunite me with my beloved staff keeps me from thinking about the “what ifs”.

I have a friend who went missing for 4 years (!!!!) and was one day rescued by the Haywood County Animal Control. They scanned him and found his microchip and was able to reunite him with his owners!!!  MEOW-WOW!!! Man the stories he told me the day his family brought him in to have a doctor examine him ….shoowweee.  Now I know where people came up with the saying that cats have nine lives.  

There have been many “chipped”  pets that have walked through my doors and told stories of being lost and then reunite with their owners. Some are sad, funny, and adventurous but they all ended happy. I have also had “non-chipped” pets come through my doors who were lost and some sweet stranger found them and was trying to help them find their family. Unfortunately not all of those stories ended happy. If they would have had a microchip things would have ended differently.

So that is why my partner, Dr. Hammett, and I have decided to have a Microchip Madness Month. With the help of my wonderful staff member Shannon Wilson (I like to think of her as my little HOMEAGAIN guru), we are offering $10 off the regular price of HOMEAGAIN Microchip.

So come on down and see me and get your pet the best gift ever!!!!  The peace of mind that they have a permanent, lifetime ID that offers the best chance of returning home.