By Maria Pressley

*"MARIA'S MEXICAN PUEBLO"  opened to the public in June of 1984, and has served Mexican food in Haywood County at 67 branner Ave. in Waynesville. From the begiening, At MARIA'S MEXICAN PUEBLO I  take pride on the food preparation, using only the freshest ingredients, using only top quality meats. We do not use any chemichals in our produce, artificial additives or enhancers, and always your food is prepared to order, which is why, depending on what you order may take a little longer. Our guacamole is always fresh, as well as our pleasently crunchy chips, which by the way, we do not add salt to them, so you can add it if you wish to your own taste. Fresh salsa is one of a kind, is a favorite hardly any one can do with out it when eating mexican food. MARIA'S MEXICAN PUEBLO also offers her salsa  in jars so you can take it home and enjoy it. Many of MARIA'S MEXICAN PUEBLO's summer residents take her salsa by the case, some by the cases, so they can enjoy it during the winter months, or take some for gifts etc. MARIA'S MEXICAN PUEBLO has many specials thruought the month, all are meant to save you money, lets face it, with today's economy every one can apreciate it. We offer our services in the restaurant, as well as catering your social events, at your home or at the office we are here to serve you. We also prepare a large variety of Foods with out meat, our vegetarian and vegan costumers do have a large choice, we do not use ane lard on our food. Please come by and give us the oportunity to serve you, we also have all ABC  permits.

Business hours: Mon-Fri  Lunch: 11;30 TO 3PM        Dinner Mon-Fri. 5pm to 9pm

                                           Saturday 12:00 noon til......


                                    Looking forward to serve you.   MARIA


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