Mater Fair - Back to the basics

By Brittney Champion, Intern | Jul 30, 2014
Photo by: Donated Photo

Haywood County had come accustomed to looking forward to the town of Canton’s annual Mater Fest. So when word got out that FOCUS would no longer be hosting the event the community was saddened.

That is when Bobbye Cogburn with the Moose Lodge decided it was their time to bring the community together and continue the tradition but this year host the first annual Mater Fair.

“We are a fraternity whose job is to go out and help the community,” said Cogburn.

The Moose Lodge has been a part of the Mater Fest for 11 years with the women making about 400 of their famous Mater Pies and selling them to raise money for local children’s Christmas.

They originally heard that the event would no longer take place by word of mouth, and then later the rumors were confirmed in the newspaper and on the news.

The way Cogburn saw the situation was, “If they don’t want the program, then why can’t we do it?”

He explained that they still needed to raise the money, so they began discussing the idea and decided to go back to the basics and host an old country-themed fair.

The overall goal of the fair is to bring the community together and show just how much talent there is in Haywood County. They ask that everything there be handcrafted or handmade — no mass-produced goods.

“We have such talented folks,” said Cogburn. “So why go somewhere else, when you can get items here?”

The fair will also include a mater recipe contest. Any recipe using tomatoes, tomato juice, bread, etc. can be entered. The judges will be six firefighters from the Canton Fire Department; just one more way the community is the focus of the event.

The fair will kick off with a magic show at 11 a.m. for the children and early families. The rest of the event will feature live music as well as an antique car show.

“With everything going on there will be nine straight hours of entertainment,” said Cogburn.

A lot of planning and time has gone into this event, and for Cogburn, it has been almost six straight months of work. Beginning the project in March, he cannot wait to see it come to life Saturday, Aug. 2.

This event is going to be completely different than the Mater Fest but will have the same look, atmosphere and ideas of an old country fair.

The Moose Lodge looks forward to see what the turnout will be for the Mater Fair and the community looks forward to the first ever Mater Fair.

For more information contact Bobbye Cogburn at 648-6139.