May 20 letters

May 17, 2013

Thanks for the coverage

To the editor:

We had an excellent turn out for the SongSpinners Noon Concert.  I think yourpublication of the information ad a great deal to do with it.  I very much appreciate the support we receive from The Mountaineer.

We appreciate all the help you give us.

Charles Alley



Thanks for the Relay support

To the editor,

On behalf of the American Cancer Society, as the Area Executive Director for Western North Carolina, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Town of Maggie Valley, including its businesses and town leaders who provided support for the Relay For Life event.  I also want to thank the Relay committee and volunteers for their commitment and passion and the time they give to organize a Relay for Life event.

The town truly opened its arms and welcomed Relay participants. Many businesses posted welcome messages on their signs, provided sponsorship dollars and helped spread the word by encouraging their customers to attend.

The board of aldermen provided sponsorship funds, helped secure use of the festival grounds and assisted with security. In addition, the town clerk provided support by communicating event information with local businesses and residents.

It is exciting to see a community come together so enthusiastically around the important issue of cancer.

On May 22, 2013, the American Cancer Society celebrates 100 years of saving lives. Today, thanks in part to the Society, two out of three people diagnosed with cancer are surviving (for at least five years) and more than 400 people each day are celebrating birthdays that would have otherwise been lost to the disease. There has been a 20 percent decline in cancer death rates. That’s more than a million lives saved.

It’s the progress we make together — as a community, as volunteers, as cancer survivors — that will help us not only to reach this incredible milestone, but to go beyond.

By lending support to the Relay event this year, Maggie Valley is supporting the Society’s efforts to finish the fight and bring an end to cancer as we know it.   Thank you all.

Margaret Feagin