Meadows' district office will be in Henderson County courthouse

Dec 12, 2012

Congressman-elect Mark Meadows has announced plans to open his first district office in Henderson County.

Meadows expressed appreciation for the efforts of the Henderson County Board of Commissioners, County Manager Steve Wyatt, and his staff in making this happen on such short notice.

"I am deeply appreciative of the efforts made by the team in Henderson County.  Like all counties in the 11th district, we look forward to building a lasting relationship while working diligently in providing strong constituent services.  I look forward to announcing other office locations throughout the 11th District in the coming weeks," said Meadows.

Wyatt said the governing board and Henderson County staff are excited about the opportunity to have a district office for Meadows in the county.

"The ability to have ready access to the Congressman and his staff will be of tremendous benefit to the people he represents. I certainly appreciate the professionalism of the Congressman's staff we have worked with on this project," Wyatt said.

Meadows Henderson County office will be located in the new County Courthouse at 200 North Grove St. in Hendersonville.