Mean Girls

By Kristian Buckner | Oct 15, 2012

Mean Girls is probably one of my favorite movies. Maybe it's because of how funny it is, or the fact that I've been watching it consistently since it came out. Either way, looking aside from the comedic factors, it has a good story.

Girls are mean. Guys are too, but not as much as girls. The thing about girls is that we can hide the meanness behind cuteness, or a sweet smile. Girls will pretend to be nice when they hate your guts. It's a strange thing about girls really, and we all discover it eventually. I discovered it when I was in elementary school.

I discovered that girls can be harsh, for no reason at all. I was somewhat quiet, nerdy, and very awkward, and there was a small group of girls that noticed that and pointed it out. I was made fun of, judged for being a vegetarian, a bookworm, and how I ran or walked even was off apparently. Little things, giggles and whispers, words said behind my back that were unveiled. That hasn't stopped yet. Girls get worse with age.

It becomes worse. By worse, I mean real, hurtful rumors. Not just ones to make you look "uncool," but rumors that give you a bad reputation, make others want to shun you. Girls that make others judge you. The girls that will say they're your friends, but they don't talk to you when you need them, they treat you like a stranger outside of school, they treat you like a disease around other girls.

This kind of girl bashing bullying is an epidemic. A plague among the girl world. This cough that spreads and can't stop. A story was recently told about a girl being bullied a lot. (By girls and boys.) The bullying persisted and ruined her life. Her girlfriends weren't there for her when she needed someone, and she ended up killing herself. Many cases like this have happened. Girls that have developed complexes because of bullying. May I repeat: girls are harsh. Why is it though? Why is it that girls are so mean? Vindictive and brutal. Sadistic and cruel. Why? Perhaps it's our competitive nature. To be on top, be the prettiest, coolest, whatever it is. Claw our way to the top. Maybe not every girl is nasty like that, but every girl has her moment. The moment where she sees something that hurts, breaks her heart even, and plans an attack, and lashes out.

Like Cady in the beginning of the movie Mean Girls, I've had moments where I've thought about, "what if this was the animal world?" Would we attack each other, literally, for something we want? If we were angry would we claw the other girls' eyes out? Maybe. I don't know. Yet, that almost seems more civil than ostracizing each other. Spreading psychological torment. Wouldn't it be easier if we all clawed each others eyes out? Then we all just wouldn't see and everything would be better. (Just kidding, let's not do that.)

What is the solution though? How can it be stopped? Maybe it can't. Maybe it's in our DNA now. We are set to hate other girls, to distrust all girls. Perhaps we've been conditioned by generations upon generations of backstabbing. Can it be stopped?

It's possible. I don't think that we could all ever get along, disagreements are inevitable. But perhaps we could respect boundaries. Respect others and their  surroundings. We need to confront each other instead finding revenge in manipulating the others' lives. If we continue we will all lose faith in the beauty of friendship and womanhood all together. We would constantly be defensive and forget why when we were young we all chanted, "girls rule, boys drool."

Girls, find your girlfriend. For any boys reading this, give a girl you care about a reminder that she is beautiful, she shouldn't give in to mean girls, she should rise above. It's not worth the battle to fight each other, girls. Remember how good it is to be a girl and have a girl friend, and remember what it feels like to be tormented the next time you consider hurting another girl for your security in anything. It's just not worth it. Mean Girls didn't just teach me that girls were mean, it taught me we can overcome the cliques, and the gossip, and the bullying. We can stop and get along, even if it's just once in a while.

OH, and a last word of advice: "If you're going to be two-faced, at least make one of them pretty." ~ Marilyn Monroe

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