Medicare For All: Town Hall

Haywood County Court House
285 N. Main St., Waynesville
Apr 23, 2017
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Join more than a DOZEN organizations from ALL 16 COUNTIES in NC-11 for a town hall. We've asked Congressman Mark Meadows attend.
Over the past few months, the people of the NC 11th District have tried to make their voices heard to Congressman Mark Meadows about the Affordable Care Act (ACA). As chairman of the House Freedom Caucus his primary agenda has meanwhile been focused on pushing through a full repeal of the ACA even though it will gravely affect his own constituents.

Meadows opposed the TrumpCare bill--which the GOP had to pull for lack of votes--for all the wrong reasons. He felt it didn't do enough to strip "entitlements," like essential health benefits and Medicaid, from the people of his district.

Meadows continues to ignore us, saying he will “have a town hall in August,” and that’s unacceptable. Congress is in recess again beginning 4/7, and we're requesting Meadows’ presence at a town hall on Sunday, April 23.

It's time we moved past the ACA.

We need Medicare for All.

There have been town halls, rallies, petitions, letters, and other actions that have occurred over the past few months. The 4/23 town hall will unify all of these events.

The size and scope of this event is unprecedented in the 11th. It's time we came together as a district--as western North Carolinians--and made our voices heard.

We’ll meet on the lawn in front of the Haywood County Courthouse in downtown Waynesville (285 N. Main St. Waynesville, NC), right next to Meadows' office.

Speakers to include:
Rhonda Cole Schandevel, former candidate for NC-118
Leslie Boyd, health care activist
Matt Coffay, community organizer

More speakers TBA.


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