MedWest-Haywood celebrates Patient Safety Awareness Week

Mar 07, 2013

The National Patient Safety Foundation’s Patient Safety Awareness Week is taking place March 3 to 9. The week is dedicated to reminding healthcare professionals and health consumers that providing safe patient care requires constant dedication and effort, and also serves as a time to recognize the focused work and efforts to improve healthcare safety within organizations.
MedWest-Haywood is dedicated to patient safety in all areas of care, and as such continually implements new safety measures throughout the hospital. In addition to daily “safety huddles,” in which departments communicate with each other about current or potential safety issues, multidisciplinary patient rounds are made each afternoon, with a representative from various disciplines, including administration and finance, participating.
All departments within the hospital take a focused approach to safety each day by closely monitoring results and making changes to increase patient safety. Communication between and within departments is key in maintaining a safe atmosphere, and is reflected not only in safety huddles and patient rounds, but in department-specific safety meetings where leaders and team members share new ideas and improve on processes already in place.
“Creating a culture of safety is a top priority at our hospital,” said Janie Sinacore-Jaberg, CEO of MedWest-Haywood. “Our leadership team, Chief Nursing Officer Dwayne Hooks, and Director of Quality Susie Aft facilitate communication between departments to ensure that culture remains in place and improves each day. We are very proud of all of our team members for their dedication to assessing everyday ways in which to enhance safety in our facility.”
MedWest-Haywood also participates in the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality’s internal survey on the culture of patient safety. The survey allows employees to assess safety in their department and the hospital as a whole.