Athletic Training column

MedWest sports medicine team’s special events

By Jenn Mroz | May 12, 2014
Photo by: File Jenn Mroz

In a previous article of mine, I talked about the importance of preventing athletic injuries.  This May, the Sports Medicine team at MedWest Haywood is offering several opportunities for young athletes to be further educated in injury prevention.  These free interactive events will be held every Thursday in May, from 5-7 p.m. in the Health & Fitness Center and all Haywood County athletes are invited.
On May 8, in the second floor classrooms, the focus is on hydration and supplementation.  This is a topic to which every athlete can relate.  Registered Dietitians Drew McArthur and Melanie Batchelor will discuss of proper hydration and nutrition in relation to sports, and some common supplements that athletes may use to boost their performance.
Athletes that participate in overhead and throwing sports like baseball/softball, tennis, volleyball and swimming will benefit from the interactive session on May 15th.  Physical therapists David Hollowell and Jim Gregory, along with Athletic Trainer Andrea Kaufman, will discuss throwing and serve mechanics, proper conditioning and injury avoidance.  We will also have special guests, Eryk and Caleb McConnell, on hand to talk about their experiences with upper extremity injuries and prevention while playing collegiate and professional baseball, as well as coaching high school baseball.  This is a hands-on (or is it hands-up?) session, so be sure to dress comfortably so you can participate.
Female athletes, listen up. The May 22  event is all about you.  There are many factors that predispose females to injuries, causing an increased risk of knee injuries.  Physical therapists Don Sinyard and Ken Picou will discuss jumping/landing techniques and running mechanics, while Heather Edwards, PT, tackles the topic of core and pelvic floor training.  Andrea Kaufman will cover conditioning and injury prevention.  This session has a hashtag #GirlsRAwesome and we will live Tweet the event. The best way to learn these concepts is by actually doing them, so wear comfortable clothing for this session, too.  Get ready to jump around and have some fun.
If any or all of these events interest you, we’d love to see you there.   Just call 828 452-8883 to reserve your place.
On the last Thursday, May 29, MedWest Haywood Annual Free Sports Physicals are being held at our Health & Fitness Center again.  Specific school times will follow in my next article when I’ll give out all the details you need to know for this sports physicals event.  
Until then, stay healthy.