Meet Brenda, Our In-House Expert Seamstress

By Doug Worrell | Aug 21, 2014

Have you ever seen a beautiful picture of a bed set in a magazine and wish it was in your home? Have you ever gone shopping for drapes and didn’t find exactly what you wanted? Can’t find pillows that look good on that sofa you just bought? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions then you need to meet Brenda.


Brenda is our in-house expert seamstress who has been at High Country for almost six years. If you ever are in need of custom drapes, bed sets, or pillows, she’s the woman to talk to!

Brenda Working 2

Brenda has been sewing all of her life. When asked her favorite thing to sew, she says “It’s all a challenge and I love challenges.” If somebody brings in a picture of what they envision for their room, she will say “Let me sleep on it a day or two and I’ll figure out how to do it.”


Brenda has done many orders for customers. In fact, last winter was the busiest winter she has ever had. Her favorite orders are the ones that have animal print fabrics. High Country is known for having several animal prints in the showroom, so Brenda gets quite a few orders that request animal print fabric.

Take a look at the bed set below. It is in our showroom at the Dellwood location and it only took Brenda three days to make!


Outside of work, Brenda even sews as a hobby! She makes quilts and has redone her mother’s house. Brenda also loves to bake. Her cakes are so good that people even pay her to make them! Brenda used to make the cakes for the Copper Leaf before Anne’s Attic took over that entire building. She is known for her “3 day coconut cake.” It is called “3 day coconut cake” because you have to wait 3 days before eating it – which is hard to do!

Come into High Country and talk to one of our sales personnel about custom orders. You can select the exact fabric and how you want your order to be made! After Brenda receives the fabric, it takes her on average two weeks to complete the order.

Workroom pics

Brenda has a commitment to making high quality products – which is what High Country is known for. Her motto is “If it doesn’t look good to me, it doesn’t go.”