Meet Nathan Clark, Maggie Valley's new town manager

By Jessi Stone | Jan 17, 2014

Name: Nathan Clark

Age: 33

Hometown: Waynesville

Town of residence: Waynesville


Tuscola High School

UNC-Chapel Hill BA Political Science

UNC School of Government County & Municipal Administration Graduate Certificate

Currently pursuing a MS in Sustainable Development from Lenoir-Rhyne University

Family: I have been married for 10 years to my wife Jenny. We have two children Kate, 6, and Lizzie, 4.

How long have you worked for the town and in what capacities?

I started working for the Town of Maggie Valley in October 2005. I was hired to be the Town’s Planning Director until becoming Town Manager it is the only position I have held within the Town.


What brought you to Haywood County?

I am a proud life-long resident of Haywood County just as my parents were before me. Prior to arriving Maggie Valley I was working for Beaufort County (South Carolina) Planning Department. The opportunity to come back to Haywood County was important to me both professionally and personally.


What are your responsibilities as town manager?

The Town of Maggie Valley is a Council-Manager Form of Government meaning that the Town Manager by North Carolina General Statutes preforms the following duties

1) Hire & Fire all employees and supervise all departments

2) Uphold city and state regulations

3) Prepare and submit annual balanced budget

4) Report on the finances and administrative activities

5) Preform other duties as duties authorized by the Board of Aldermen (such as advising them on decisions that affect the Town’s short term and long term future)


Did your role as planning director help prepare you for this position? How?

I think so for a couple of reasons. In general, Planners have a very optimistic hopeful perspective—we are always looking towards the future trying to create a more sustainable, resilient and vibrant community. As the Town of Maggie Valley continues to chart a new path, a new course and new direction this type of forward thinking will be a great asset. Secondly, being the Planning Director has provided me with extensive knowledge about the Town’s infrastructure and services that we provide to the residential and commercial communities. Finally, my previous position has allowed me the opportunity to get to know a large cross section of people throughout our community. These relationships that I have cultivated over the years are invaluable to me and I view them as one of my greatest accomplishments. I know everyone says it about their own community but the people of Maggie Valley are truly unique, spirited and dedicated in making their town the best it can be.


What are your top goals for the town in 2014?

My biggest goal for 2014 is to assist the Board of Aldermen in restoring the public’s faith, trust and confidence in the Town of Maggie Valley. During the next few weeks the Board of Aldermen will be conducting a series of workshops and sessions with the focusing on goal setting and vision for the future. The end products of these meetings will be my goals for 2014.


Are you implementing any changes at town hall? If so, what are they and how will they help improve the town government?

There will be small nuanced changes at Town Hall that will hopefully we make our organization more helpful, efficient and nimble in decision making and interactions with the our citizenry.


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