Meeting will address community challenges in next decade

Haywood County Senior Resources Center
Elmwood Way, Waynesville
Nick Honerkamp
Mar 18, 2014
4:00 PM - 6:00 AM

A community-wide meeting will help chart an immediate and long-term action plan for the nonprofit and faith-based community to better address community needs.

Nick Honerkamp, pastor at New Covenant Church who now heads the homeless shelter effort, said the community meeting will be one that provides a snapshot of the needs head, a time to brainstorm about the future and hopefully a plan for moving forward.

The meeting will have three parts:
Part 1 - A look back over the past five years (since our last big meeting) with presentations by a few key leaders describing the needs that exist and the amount of people presently being served. 
Part 2 - A look at the present with presentations by a few key leaders concerning what new ministries, programs and resources are emerging right now.
Part 3 - A look at the next 10 years with a brainstorming session for new ideas to address the challenges we will face. We especially want to address two key areas:
1. What new challenges might we face and therefore, what new solutions need to emerge?  2. How will we fund these new endeavors?  
This meeting is open to everyone, please feel free to invite any interested parties