Melton releases new Haywood history book

By Jessi Stone Guide editor | May 28, 2014

Local author Ann Melton has recently released a new book that captures another piece of Haywood’s history.

“The Paper Mill Town of Canton and the Sawmill Towns of Haywood County” will give readers insight into the well-known paper town of Canton plus the less known sawmill towns of Quinlantown, Crestmont, Sunburst and Waynesville.

Melton said her father-in-law Joseph Kilby lived in Quinlantown and she just wanted to know more about it, which is usually how one of her history projects begins. With this book, she found a good start within another local author’s work. Ron Sullivan is working on a series of books about trains stopping in sawmill towns.

“Buried in his books were wonderful bits of information about the towns that really got me started,” she said. “I took what he had and began my search at the museum in Canton. I interviewed so many people and got great pictures.”

It is the researching portion that Melton really enjoys because it mostly involves meeting fascinating people and hearing all their stories.

“Interviewing people and hearing their stories is my favorite part — the stories make the book,” she said. “Woven into these stories is the real life of these people.”

She said she believes readers will appreciate all the interesting characters that emerged from these small towns because they just come alive on the pages through old photos and stories.

“People have never heard of Quinlantown or Crestmont, which were right on the border of Tennessee,” Melton said.

This is her sixth book. She has also written history books on Love Lane, Frog Level and Green Hill Cemetery. Her last book, “I Will Lift Up My Eyes: The Power of Praise and Prayer,” Melton tells the stories of the miracles she has experienced during her walk with God. All of her books can be found in the North Carolina room of the Waynesville Library.