Meridian receives Evergreen Foundation grant

May 30, 2014

Meridian Behavioral Health Services, Inc., a local nonprofit provider of mental health and substance abuse services, recently received a grant in the amount of $68,680 from the Evergreen Foundation to help defray the costs of purchasing four vehicles for its programs that provide client transportation.

Meridian is currently transporting 35 individuals per day to and from its Psycho-Social Rehabilitation (PSR) Program in Haywood County. These individuals, challenged by serious mental health and substance abuse disorders, often live in rest homes and family care homes and often don't own a vehicle. Without transportation services, many of these individuals would be unable to attend the program.

In addition, Meridian currently provides Assertive Community Treatment Team (ACTT) services to residents of each of the seven westernmost counties in North Carolina. This service is, by definition, a mobile service that requires staff to assertively engage and treat individuals who experience significant mental health and substance abuse challenges.

Many of the individuals served by ACT Teams have historically had a propensity for “falling through the cracks” of the service delivery system because they haven’t routinely accessed traditional office-based behavioral health services.

One of the primary advantages of ACTT is that the services are mobile. ACTT staff, including psychiatrists, nurses, therapists, peer support specialists etc. go out into the community every day and provide treatment and support services in individuals’ homes and in other community settings. One of the ways Meridian has insured the mobility of this service is by providing all-wheel drive vehicles to its three teams.

The Evergreen Foundation is a local nonprofit agency that provides infrastructure support, start-up and service provision grants and scholarships that expand and improve the delivery of high quality prevention, treatment and support services to individuals with mental health, substance abuse and developmental disability challenges.

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