Michele Laub presents “The Four Agreements” seminar series

The Creative Thought Center
449-D Pigeon St., Waynesville
Rev. Frank Kish

Beginning on Saturday, February 18th and Ending on Saturday, March 18th, From 11:00 am to 1:00 pm.  $10 per Workshop - Pre-pay and receive all 5 Workshops for $40.  Her presentations will cover the following topics:

Feb 18th: The Power of Belief

· How To Give Up The Need To Be Right

· How Judgment Limits Our Happiness

· How to Create New Beliefs In Alignment With New Thought Principles

Feb 25th:  Be Impeccable With Your Word

· How To Boost Your Level Of Self-Love

· How To Foster Fulfilling Relationships With Everyone You Meet

· How To Recognize & Transform Words & Actions Coming From Fear

March 4th:  Don’t Take Anything Personally

· How The Law Of Reflection Operates When We Take Things Personally

· How Taking Things Personally Is The  Expression of Selfishness

· How Refusing To Take Things Personally Is The Key To Avoiding Upsets

March 11th:  Don’t Make Assumptions

· How To Accept People The Way They Are Without Changing Them

· How To Ask For What You Want & Expressing Your Right To Say “No”

· How Assumption Creates Judgment and Victimization

March 18th:  Always Do Your Best

· How Truly Enjoying Your Life Is Dong Your Best

· How Letting Go & Surrendering Allows You To Be Fully Alive

· How Honoring Your Body Will Change Everything In Your Life

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