Million Coin Campaign — A lucky guess

Lieutenant misses mark, son spot on
By Rachel Robles, Lifestyles Editor | Feb 28, 2014
Photo by: Rachel Robles LUCKY GUESSER — Levi O'Neill is pictured with the gift certificates he won for being within $100 of the exact amount.

Shortly before the coins gathered in the Million Coin Campaign: Cash Conquers Cold effort, people were invited to speculate how much money was in the box.

About 75 guesses were submitted, and Pisgah High School sophomore Levi O’Neill came within $100 of guessing the exact amount — $13,816. The exact amount was $13,710.30.

Ironically, Levi’s father, Lt. Tim O’Neill, submitted a guess, too, but at $56,050. O’Neill the elder overshot the value of the coin, bills and wrapped rolls taken from the box last week and given to Haywood Christian Ministry, Mountain Projects and the Haywood Christian Emergency Shelter.

“I just randomly guessed,” said Levi. “I put lucky 13 in there and picked random numbers.”

Levi won a $20 gift certificate to GameStop, compliments of The Mountaineer; a $25 gift certificate to Pasquales, compliments of Mountain Projects; a $25 gift certificate from Haywood Christian Ministries for their thrift store; and $20 worth of Sunburst beef.

Guesses ranged from $1492 from Jane Kirby to $1,369,516.47 from Leonard Baltzer.

It is estimated there were 270,000 coins in the box, not counting those that were rolled. There was another $1,140 in currency.
All told, the Million Coin Campaign raised $17,292, including funds taken out last year to help with emergency heating needs.