Mission Health responds to medical needs of rural communities

Feb 17, 2014


As part of a continuing effort to address the health care needs of rural communities, Mission Health has initiated an effort to support and expand the work of national initiatives on the management of health care needs in rural communities.

Federal and state-wide initiatives now in place address some but not all of the unique needs of rural communities. By creating the Rural Health Planning and Development department, Mission will understand and develop innovative models of care to address the unique strengths and challenges that many rural communities face.

“The driving force behind all we do at Mission is our BIG (GER) Aim: To get each patient to the desired outcome, first without harm, also without waste and with an exceptional experience for the patient and family," said Jill Hoggard Green, PhD, RN, Mission Health's Chief Operating Officer and president, Mission Hospital and Mission Medical Associates.  "Understanding the unique strengths and challenges that occur in rural communities will enable the development of strategies and models of care to ensure access to high-quality health services, enabling us to achieve our BIG(GER) Aim.”

Teresa Wall, who is currently a vice president of hospital-owned practices for Mission Health, will join the new department as a system director. Wall will work with Mission Health and community leaders to bridge gaps, establish relationships, garner funding, and gather that work into a body of knowledge that can be used to improve care in rural communities