Monday's Soups & Desserts at the Copper Leaf Cafe

By High Country Furniture & Design | Dec 10, 2012

In addition to our regular menu, today at the Cafe we are featuring...


Black Bean- Low fat & vegetarian! My pairing choice: 1/2 of the Mimosa Grill. Or, if you're looking for a vegetarian sandwich, try Deanie's Egg Salad on whole wheat bread!

Anne's Hearty Vegetable- A bowl of this soup is great on its own, but if you're looking for variety, try pairing a cup of this soup with 1/2 of our Gourmet Gobbler!


 Brenda's Coconut Cake

Apple Cake

Lorrie's Famous Kahlua Bites


Flavor- Chocolate Reindeer Crunch

Dark- French Roast

Latte of the Week- Peppermint Mocha (also available as a Sub-Zero, if this December is too warm for you!)