More delightful food arrived by mail

By Vicki Hyatt | Sep 09, 2016
Mad Minis are made with real ice cream and only have 60 calories each.

My latest food-tasting gig that came from an earlier column I wrote about pork rinds — and one I found that still had hair on it — yielded two new items to sample. The latest was a shipment of 5 pounds of Amish butter. Two were unsalted and three were regular — as regular as a product with 84 percent butterfat can be.

The label states there are only two ingredients — pasteurized cream and sea salt. The butter is slow churned in small batches, according to the Minerva Dairy website, a process that creates a thicker, creamier butter with more flavor.

In my mind there are two sure-fire ways to really “taste” butter. One is to put in on a really good ear of corn. The second is to make shortbread.

My shortbread recipe only has three ingredients — a pound of butter, a cup of sugar and enough flour to make it into a medium-soft dough, about 4-5 cups. The quality of the butter can make or break the recipe.

My first bite of the shortbread made with Amish butter was simply heavenly. The smooth, clean taste made you want to eat too much of it.

I brought samples to the office where my colleagues regularly get shortbread during the holiday season. They agreed. The Amish butter batch was the best ever.

As for the corn, I’m not sure which was better, the corn or the butter. I do know the combination was well-worth savoring.

The next sample included four boxes of Mad Minis, made by a company called Little Something Foods based in Wellesley, Massachusetts.

The company bills itself as “a creative food company whose mission is to revolutionize the dessert and snack industry by bringing together great taste, portion control and the best ingredients.”

The quest that ended in the creation of the Mad Mini was to create a great tasting, mini ice cream cookie sandwich made with real ice cream and no artificial ingredients, according to the company’s website. The beauty of the final product is that is only has 60 calories.

Mad Minis don’t disappoint. They come in four flavors and The Mountaineer staff got to sample at least some of them since there were 12 to a box. I preferred the black raspberry, but chocolate lovers couldn’t resist the double taste of chocolate in both the ice cream and the chocolate cookie sandwich.

For those who don’t care a thing about chocolate, there is a Blondie with vanilla ice cream inside a vanilla cookie sandwich.

I stumbled into this free healthy food samples after writing a column a while back about fighting my type 2 diabetes by eating properly, which is mostly by limiting carbohydrate intake.

The foods that my newfound marketing friend Alexandra Brazie, the public relations manager at RMD Advertising in Columbus, Ohio sends my way seem tailored to those with diabetes. So, aside from the great taste of the items, they can be eaten without much guilt.

P.S. I gave most of the shortbread away!

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