Mountain History--A Phenomenal Story of Survival.

By Blue Ridge Books | Apr 25, 2013

Blue Ridge Books will host the authors of A Life for Nancy on Saturday, April 27 at 3:00 pm.
Danita Stoudemire and Riley Henry bring to life the story of Nancy Silver Parker in their book, A Life for Nancy.

Authors Danita Stoudemire and Riley Henry bring lovers of historical fiction a real treat with A Life for Nancy, the story of Nancy Silver.  Nancy’s mother, Frankie Silver, made headlines when she was hanged for murdering her husband in 1833, but here, the authors have focused on the mysterious life of her daughter.

A mere thirteen months old when her mother allegedly killed her father, Nancy was taken by her mother’s family and raised away from the town where her mother was hanged.  Despite that, word does indeed travel, and Nancy’s young life is haunted by stories of her mother’s sensational crime and the whispers of the townspeople that say she’s exactly the same.

Eventually, Nancy marries a man named David Parker, and moves with him to the Appalachian Mountains.  They begin a nice, peaceful life together, and start to raise a family.  However, the Civil War interrupts their quiet life, and David goes off to fight in the war, leaving Nancy at home with five children, a sixth on the way, and only her wits and tough nature to fend off the harsh and terrible winters on the mountain.

Readers will experience both the joys and sorrows in Nancy’s life, as the authors seamlessly weave historical fiction with historical fact to tell the story of an extraordinary woman who managed to survive in the face of all of the odds stacked against her.  Using family documents, letters, deeds, and stories, A Life for Nancy pieces together her truly fascinating life to give readers a phenomenal story of a woman whose life was, undoubtedly, her own.  

Danita Stoudemire.

Danita Stoudemire is a Franklin, North Carolina, native, and the author of My Way ‘o Thinkin’.  Danita has been a weekly columnist for The Franklin Press for more than fifteen years.  “Livin’ in Macon”, also a weekly series in the news paper, led her to interview and write a story ten years ago on Riley and his findings about Nancy’s life.  It has been with great pleasure and honor that Danita has helped turn Riley’s story into the historical fiction novel, A Life for Nancy.

Riley Henry.

Riley Henry, a native of Franklin, North Carolina, has spent twenty five years researching the life of Nancy Silver Parker, the great-great-grandmother of his wife, Wanda Henry.  Through his research, he has found Civil War letters from Nancy’s husband and actual documents that prove where most of her life led her.  Riley and Wanda’s dream for the last several years has been to put Nancy at peace at last with the writing of this book.