Mountain Photography

By Bob Grytten

When taking pictures, any kind of camera will work. Some better than others. So, be content to live within the limitations of the camera. Don't be too fooled by the bells an whistles. You may not need them all and Manufacturers have to keep putting new features on camera's for those that want the latest - their cast off can be good bargains for someone else.

But, before closing the deal, have a good repair shop look it over. Did you know that digital cameras are built to last for only so many clicks of the shutter. They can tell you that at the Camera shop.In the mountains we like Crystal Camera Repair on Lousianna St, off Patton Ave in Asheville.

Next issue will include photo tips. in the meantime you can go to for photo tips and images by local photographers.

Now here is something a little lighter…


A couple of boys exploring a field came upon a large, seemingly bottomless hole.
"How deep do you suppose it is" asked one. "Let's throw a rock in it to see" said the

They found a large rock nearby and the two hoisted it into the hole. While they
waited to hear the rock hit bottom, a goat flew past them and into the hole after the
rock. While the two puzzled boys were mulling this over, an old man approached
them asking "you kids seen my goat grazing 'round here"? One of the boys replied
"nope, but one just jumped into this hole".

"That wouldn't be mine" replied the old man...."my goat was tied to a rock".

The lighter side compliments and credit to

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