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My kind of adult education — Frog Level Brewing Company's 'Beer School'

By Paul Viau | Oct 02, 2013
Photo by: File photo CHEERS TO THE GRADUATES — A select few will have the opportunity to attend a one-day "Beer School" at Frog Level Brewing Company.

Imagine if you saw this classified ad in The Mountaineer:

WANTED: Beer lovers, eager to learn more about the art of craft brewing. Enjoy a one-day, hands-on, beer-making experience at a successful local craft brewery; small class size, free tuition, frequent breaks, unlimited taste testing and complimentary class party upon completion. For more information, contact …

If this is kind of adult education were offered at Haywood Community College, A-B Tech in Asheville, or anywhere else within a day’s drive of Waynesville — I’d say, “Pour it on.”

Well, I’m here to tell you with one of my favorite catch phrases, “I’m not making this up.”

Clark Williams, co-owner and brewmaster of Frog Level Brewing Company, really believes in supporting the local community. Before opening the doors of FLBC, he and his wife Jenny used local taste testing at The Gateway Club to build community support and select their “flagship” beers.

That’s how my wife and I became friends of the Williams, and Carol quickly fell in love with Frog Level’s Catcher in the Rye. I, on the other hand, preferred the heartier Frog Level beers — Salamander Slam and Tadpole Porter.

Sorry for this digression. But when you run into us at Frog level Brewing Company and want to buy us a beer, now you know our preferences.

The Williams believe in, “keeping it local,”  as well as sharing both the business and the art of brewing. At the request of Lexington, NC’s Chamber of Commerce and Davison County Community College, Clark Williams recently held a business seminar on how to start a craft brewery.

One of his messages was to, “Think big, but brew small.” Now he wants to show a small, select group of Haywood County Residents the workflow and process at FLBC.

This is an incredible learning opportunity for six (just six) beer lovers to share the work and rewards of craft brewing.

If you are one of the select few, you will help brew FLBC's first specialty beer of the winter season. And this is truly a hands-on experience. You will wash kegs, crush grains, carry heavy bags of malt and in general “hop-to” on a variety of chores and errands —you will assist the brewmaster in all tasks needed.

Most likely, you will be brewing Bug-eyed Stout, so the ‘cushy’ job of the day will be heading next-door to Panacea for triple-quadruple, giant batch of espresso. My wife, Carol, wants that assignment.

On the plus side, there will be break opportunities — while the kettle is boiling, etc, — when you can sample the Frog Level beers. Tasting is encouraged, but don’t get in your cups. You want to be there for the fun and giveaways, graduate from this class and claim your Frog Level Beer School “Class of 2013” T-shirt and diploma.

As a beer school graduate, you will get to keg and carbonate the beer a couple weeks later. And (brig drum roll) you will also be invited as guests of honor on the night ‘your beer” is tapped and served. Imagine lifting a glass of ‘your’ craft beer with all of your friends at Frog Level Brewing Company.

It’s the stuff aspiring craft brewers’ dreams are made of.

If you are a beer lover like me, you are now salivating on this opportunity, so let me tell you how you can be one of the selected few.

Step one is to “Like” Frog Level Brewing Company on Facebook. Then watch for the announcement of the “Beer School” enrollment and follow the instructions. The first six adults to come in person to FLBC — and complete the required waiver — will win a spot in the class.

Beer School is tentatively scheduled for late October or early November. The actual date and time of the will be included in an upcoming Facebook announcement.

So there you have it. For more information, call Frog Level Brewing Company at 454-5664.

Warning: Repeat callers will be denied enrollment for interrupting the brewing.

Oh yes, use of cell phones will be not be allowed at “Beer School,” so no texting, messaging or needless chatting while school is in session. Save that for the party.

Cheers, beer lovers!