My thoughts on Sharknado 2

By Max Maier | Aug 05, 2014

As my readers know, I reviewed the first Sharknado, and I absolutely loathed it. Sharknado 2 is no different. I know these movies have caught on because of the whole "it's so bad it's good" ideal. I've even used this ideal when it comes to terrible films like Batman and Robin and Godzilla (1999.) The difference is, while those films were at least entertaining in how bad they were, the Sharknado franchise (I can't believe this is a franchise) has no remote indicator at attempting to be good, and the fact that people are flocking to these movies and making them as big as they are, is sad.

These are TERRIBLE films. Awful, the worst. And I'm not against Syfy films, I happened to enjoy Sharktopus vs Pteracuda and Jersey Shore Shark Attack (add those to that list I mentioned earlier.) The Sharknados are ridiculous, poorly written, horribly acted and topped off with the awful effect budget Syfy won't budge on. The sequel even makes a joke about how they had to "jump the shark." The writers are practically acknowledging they are writing garbage.

People I've talked to about this have said I just need to lighten up, or "they're just Syfy movies." If these were minor Syfy films, I wouldn't evn be discussing them right now. But thanks to Twitter and social media, Sharknado has ascended to a very big following, and is often talked about. It is a shame, because I think anybody that has shown their faces in these movies need to reassess their careers, I'm talking to you Matt Lauer and Al Roker.

Sharknado 2 not only remains as terrible as its predecessor, but it has achieved a WHOLE new level of suck, (pun.) The acting is terrible, the story is even MORE ridiculous, filled with nonsense. And yes, just like the last film, there is a moment so ridiculous in the film's climax, that if you were to face palm, you would shatter your skull. That's right, Sharknado is that bad.

I wish people would stop watching these films so maybe Syfy would maybe begin to be encouraged to write better films, but as long as Sharknado continues to suck, they won't even bother. And I hear there is talk of a third film. Thanks America.

I would say avoid these films at all cost, but millions of people are watching them. If you want to see how bad these movies are, the damage has already been done. Again, thanks America. Sharknado 2 is just as bad as the first one, if not worse. It even couldn't justify a decent title. Sharknado 2: The Second one. SERIOUSLY?! There is a special place of insanity for whoever approved the use of that title.

I'd score the film, but the last film barely justified a 0.5. So I guess Sharknado 2 gets a whopping 0.25 terrible lines out of 5.

seriously. please. stop. making. these. popular.