N.C. Attorney General Roy Cooper's statement on Duke Energy

Dec 03, 2012

“These settlements are positive for consumers and help to set right the problems surrounding the merger. As we continue our fight for lower rates in the Supreme Court and before the commission, these settlements will provide a framework for ensuring more complete and accurate information from Duke Energy in the future."




The settlement closes the Attorney General’s investigation into the circumstances surrounding the changes in governance after the merged Duke Energy and Progress Energy in July. It does not settle the ongoing rate case which the Attorney General is challenging in the North Carolina Supreme Court. It also preserves the Attorney General’s right to fully challenge all aspects of future rate cases.


The settlement helps to assure the state that the new utility will comply with state law regarding truthful information to the Utilities Commission, and its new governance structure will provide the Attorney General with accurate and complete information upon request, including new surveys of customers and employees.


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