New businesses in Canton a sign of confidence

Aug 15, 2012

The opening of new businesses is a good sign that the economy is inching ahead.

That's evident in Canton where about a dozen new businesses have chosen to pin their hopes for their future.

Even the Canton downtown area, which has been going through a rough patch, especially during the extended bridge construction that disrupts accustomed traffic patterns, is seeing a measure of revitalization.

A wide variety of new offerings are available downtown. There's a coffee, sandwich and ice cream shop, a new antiques store, another florist shop and a fairly new computer store. A new toy store is even on its way. The beginning-of-the-year opening of Sid's on Main in the Imperial Hotel has even brought a bit of night life to the town.

In the greater Canton area, MedWest-Haywood has a highly visible presence at its new urgent care center just off I-40, and a new hardware store is opening on Radio Hill in the shopping center were Maxway used to be.

Town ordinance changes to encourage businesses along U.S. 19/23/74 to Asheville has even led to the opening of a flea market and a produce stand. The larger sewer line being planned on Champion Drive, an area just off I-40 that's been targeted by the town as a future growth corridor, will provide the next growth opportunity for the town.

After the urgent care center and Bojangles added onto the sewer line, the capacity was at its maximum capacity. The upgraded infrastructure will change all that.

Some who have located in Canton cite the lower property prices as a reason for their decision. As the real estate landscape improves, and as the town takes steps to lay the groundwork for future growth, it appears the future is even brighter in Canton.