New coin counting date set

Feb 05, 2014

The effort to count the thousands of coins that have been collected in a massive box in the lobby of the Waynesville Police Department has been rescheduled for Wednesday, Feb. 19.

The original plan was to transport the coins from the box to four credit unions in the county to awaiting coin counting machines, but a winter storm postponed the effort.

People throughout the area are invited to drop by the box and guess the amount of money that is in there. The winner will receive a gift basket provided by those organizing the campaign.

All proceeds from the Million Coin Campaign: Cash Conquers Cold will be given to Haywood Christian Ministry, Mountain Projects and the Haywood Christian Emergency Shelter to be used to keep people warm during the winter.

There is also time to gather up any spare change around the house to drop in the box when stopping by to guess the total.