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New study: Carbs at night cause weight loss

By John Taylor | Dec 17, 2012
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In the newest edition of the “Journal of Nutrition, Metabolism and Cardiovascular Diseases,” researchers found that when a person ate most of their daily intake of carbohydrates for dinner, they avoided feelings of hunger the following day.
The researchers say this new discovery may provide another weight loss method for obese individuals.
The study, conducted by the Department of Biochemistry, Food Science, and Nutrition at Hebrew University in Tel Aviv, Israel, decided to begin this investigation after examining Muslims who lost weight during Ramadan, an Islamic celebration that asks followers to fast during the day and then eat a meal high in carbohydrates in the evening.
The researchers cite previous studies that suggested the concentration of carbohydrates eaten in the evening modified the release of leptin, a hormone that regulates hunger.
As a result of eating higher concentrations of carbohydrates in the evening, the leptin levels in the study’s subjects remained high throughout the following day, thus leaving the participates with a feeling of being full.
So the good folks at Atkins have been telling Americans for nearly 15 years that low carb is the way to go. Now this new study suggests that high carbs in the evening is the way to go just as long as you do an Atkins Diet the rest of the day.
Did you follow that?
I’m really curious if these researchers will do a follow-up study to determine if Muslims have any problems with extreme weight gain once Ramadan is over and they begin eating normally again.
I’m not sure if the researcher’s are laying the ground work to introduce a new fad diet into the marketplace, but I can’t imagine Americans would ever think it’s a good idea to starve throughout the day, and then carb-up on pasta, bread, and potatoes.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to bad mouth anybody who chooses to do Atkins or cut their calories to lose weight. But does anybody think fasting during the day is a good idea for weight loss?
Like a lot of people, I get busy and forget to eat at times, but I also know what I feel like when this happens. Let’s just say my behavior has been described as a cross between Mike Ditka in a post-game speech after the Bears lost, and a woman going through menopause while watching the movie “Beaches.”
Good luck to you if you try this diet out, but to be honest, I’d rather watch the Polish Croquet Championships on ESPN 8 than give up my Kashi cereal in the morning.
By the way, if you got the “Dodgeball” movie reference, we can hangout.

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