New technologies at Autumn Care create new amenities for residents!

By Autumn Care Nursing & Rehabilitation | Feb 07, 2013
Resident Marcene Calhoun and Speech therapist Emily Joyce play with an iPad during a therapy session.

Residents at Autumn Care Nursing and Rehab have finally entered into the world of technology with WiFi now available for residents, staff, and visitors.  With the number of baby boomers needing inpatient rehabilitation for illness or surgical recovery on the rise, it has become a necessity for medical facilities to provide access to the internet.  Even though a knee replacement may be a temporary set-back, there is comfort in knowing that patients need not worry about being away from Facebook, email, and online banking while completing their rehab program at Autumn Care.  Not only is the new WiFi a convenient and fun amenity, it also has clinical benefits for patients undergoing Speech Therapy.  Speech-Language Pathology is widely known for assisting patients with all aspects of communication, and treating patients who are experiencing swallowing difficulties.  In more recent years, it has branched out and now includes cognitive training.  Patients who have experienced a stroke or who suffer from different forms of dementia can benefit from Autumn Care’s Cognitive JumpStart Program.  This program targets patients who have problems with memory loss, word finding, comprehension, and safety awareness.  With software and technologies growing rapidly, there are numerous programs available to help patients work towards their goals and even track their progress.  Autumn’s new WiFi has opened up the opportunity to access many more programs available online.  One of the most popular and enjoyable ways for patients to give their brain a work-out is using the various apps available with an iPad.  Speech Therapists Erin Mack and Emily Joyce have been amazed at the response from their patients when using this new technology with treatment sessions.  “It’s very surprising to us how well our patients from the older generation respond to using technologies like the iPad and online programs.  They are not intimidated at all, and they are actually amazed by what they are able to do and learn,” says Mack.  “It’s wonderful to see a resident’s face light up using the iPad, especially those who usually don’t show much expression or interest in things,” says Joyce.  Staff and residents agree that the new WiFi amenity is just another great reason to come to Autumn Care for rehabilitation and nursing care. 

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