Newsroom Season 2 episode 2

By Max Maier | Jul 22, 2013

You saw me rave about this show in my previous show. This is a great show, with great characters, with great social commentary. However I mentioned there were elements of this show that were lacking. Unfortunately in this week's episode, the lacking elements were a big focus.


We see Will further deal with his emotions as the 9/11 coverage comes and goes. We learn about Will's special connection with 9/11 coverage, and it just tears you up inside. You go from feeling bad for Will, to feeling sad for Will. He also learns a rough estimate of how many people dislike him, and it takes its toll on him. This was an episode that increases your sympathy for Will.
Neal also goes a little deeper with Occupy Wall Street, which is once again interesting insight on the event, but we don't get a lot of that.

The big focus of this show is Jim and mostly Maggie. Yes, Maggie, the worst character of the show. We see Maggie complain about the video of her and try to get it taken down, we see her talk with Joe, we see her fight with her friend and we see her fight for her right to go to Africa. It was too much of the worst character of the show. Maggie is annoying, whiny and just not a great character. The less of her in an episode the better, and we are led to believe she is going to Africa for a story, so maybe she will be gone for awhile.
Now, a character I have not mentioned before is Don. Don is one of the higher ups of the news station, even has his own show on the network. However he has not been too central to the plot, other than his job and he dumped Maggie after the Jim fiasco in the last episode. He is getting involved in that a little bit, but not overload like Maggie. Don had a big plot point in this episode involving a murder case from 10 years ago getting new coverage. It was random and I remember asking myself and my folks while watching, "who cares?" It wasn't, that bad, but it was weak.
The worst part though was the woman who put up Maggie's video on Youtube. This woman was a selfish, moronic, media-obsessed, scatter-brained, jerk who I hated every second of having to watch her on screen. What a seriously bad character to have to deal with. Fortunately she wasn't around too long.
However, the strong elements of this show are still here. Will, Sloan, MacKenzie and the other great characters are still great. The Will stuff in this episode is powerful, and as always, Jeff Daniels is a great actor. There is great commentary and jokes about the Republican candidates from just a few years back, and Occupy. It's the content like this we want more of.

So, overall this was another good episode of a fantastic show. Hopefully in the next episode we get more of what is great about this show, because that stuff is what makes great TV.

I give The Newsroom Season 2 episode 2 a 3 out of 5