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Dec 04, 2013

Homemade Snow Globes


What you will need

Baby food jar

Extra-strong glue

Plastic bottle cap

Glitter (you can vary the size, colour and shape)

Felt, white or green

Plastic decorations and figurines to decorate the interior of the globe


How to

Let the baby jar and lid soak in soapy water for several hours. You will then be able to wash it properly and remove the label. Make sure you dry it off thoroughly.

Glue your figurine to the top of the bottle cap. Then glue the bottle cap to the inside of the jar's lid.

Glue a few decorations around the inside of the jar and along the jar's rim.

Let it dry according to your glue's instructions.

Pour a pinch (or two... or three!) of glitter inside the jar.

Once completely dry, fill the jar with warm tap water (water might be cloudy at first but it will clear up as it cools off). You have to make sure not to fill with water to the rim because when you will put the lid on, the figurine will make the water level go up. Screw the lid very tightly and let it cool off by leaving the jar stand, lid side down.

Cut a piece of felt to recreate snow or grass around your jar to hide the lid.

Glue it all around the lid.

Your snow globe is now ready to be shaken away!



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