Next Gen: Jordan Sky's first invention

Local student proposes 'Daughter's Day'
By Jordan Sky | May 07, 2014

Editor's note: Jordan Sky, 9, attends Riverbend Elementary School. One night her mother noticed Jordan at the kitchen table deep in thought and writing something on a legal pad. Printed below is what Jordan wrote as her first invention — Daughter's Day.

I think that all countries should have another super special holiday called Daughters' Day.

My first reason why is because on Mother's Day mothers have their absolute wonderful day, Grandparents' Day is when they have they have their awesome day, and finally Father's Day where they have the time of their lives.

I say this reason because all parents of the world have a special day to have. But what about the children of the world? How about daughters day or sons day? Because children don't have a special day to have but their birthday.

My next reason why is because all children I know are as sweet as can be and I now think that they should have a day where it is all about them. I like this reason because kids deserve a day of their own and get to rule the day or should I say own the day.

Last but not least my third reason why. Well here it goes, I think this because I think little girls and boys like us should be celebrated while they are still young and innocent. Well, I say this reason because I wouldn't want kids to be left out and think they are disappearing from the family.

These are all the reasons why I think there should be a Son's Day and a Daughter's Day.

Your friend,


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Posted by: David Woody | May 07, 2014 12:12

June 1st has been celebrated worldwide as Children's Day since 1950.  I can remember singing a little song about it in church as a very small child.

Carla Woody

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