Next Gen: Kid Quotes for Mother’s Day

May 07, 2014

Students in Haywood County were asked "What's your favorite thing about your mom?"

1). Payton Renegar,  11: “She’s so nice. I’ve seen other moms be so harsh with their kids and even when I’ve made her mad, she’s still kind.”

Gabriella Renegar, 6: “That she cuddles with me.”


2). Emma Shell, 7: “She’s always there for me.”

Colton Shell, 6:  “She makes yummy food.”


3). Colin Odom, 4: “Her hugs.”

4). Kentley Nelson, 13:  “My mom helps me with my homework and makes sure I get everything done. She takes me to dance, cheer practice, and track. I wouldn’t know what was going on if it wasn’t for her. She does everything.”


5). Marley Schick, 4: “That she loves me and plays games with me.”


6). Jody Mann-Age 11: “She teaches me lessons and doesn’t spoil me, but I still love her.”


7). Liam Hicks, 11: “She always helps us do our chores and she helps us with our homework.”


8). Brandon Ramsey-Age 7:  “She cooks really good meals and she does really nice things for me and my sister.”


9). Hayden Fox-Age 5:  “I like my mom’s hair. It makes her great.”

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