Next Gen: Where I’m From

By John Eric Francis, sixth grader at Waynesville Middle School | Feb 05, 2014

I’m from the books on the shelf that take me to far- away places,

I’m from the pictures of my ancestors that tell my life story.

I’m from the old lumber that my grandfather used to build my childhood home

Surrounded by the carefree black-eyed Susan’s that my mother loves so, but also from the roses that carefully grow.

I’m from the deep traditions of holidays past, going to the tree together on Christmas Morning.

No peeking before, we all must wait on each other..

I’m from the best of two different people, my mom and my dad. They are very special people.

I work on the farm where working is hard- building fence, cattle farming and picking up hay but also having fun in the creek at the end of the day.

I’m from the parents who tell me they love me endlessly and then tell me they think that I’m the greatest.

I’m from the place where I try new things and to that I say “This ain’t my first rodeo”.

I’m from several generations of showing cattle, agriculture runs deep--even in my sleep.

I’m from the mountains, Haywood County to be exact.  My family has been here from a long way back.

I’m from the fresh eggs and homegrown beef, the taste is awesome and can’t be beat.

I’m from the man who lost his 3 fingers, at only 18 months old, in an apple grader; I told you those farm roots run even deeper.

I’m from the old desk that came from my mom’s grandmother but actually was built by my dad’s great grandfather. It sits by the door as a reminder of the friendship of long ago years past between the two families and the bond that existed.

I’m thankful to be from a loving family, that’s where I’m from and it doesn’t get much better.