Night of the Living Dead - Redux begins Nov. 3

Oct 12, 2016
Photo by: Donated photo

Different Strokes Performing Arts Collective is excited to announce their final production of their sixth Season, Night of The Living Dead - Redux, written and directed by Rodney Smith.

The show runs Thursday through Saturday, from Nov. 3-19, at Magnetic Theatre located at 375 Depot St.

In 1968, the independent horror film Night of the Living Dead did more than just frighten a few audience members.  It may have single-handedly been responsible for what we today know as “Zombie Culture” and has exceeded its “cult classic” status, to simply… classic.

“There is something deeper in the material beyond a zombie story. At its core, this is a story about a group of people, each with very different backgrounds, who must find a way to get past how they perceive each other in order to survive. It’s a microcosm of society which may be more relevant today than it was in 1968," said Smith. "I have always loved the original film and have wanted to bring it to the stage for the last three or so years. I always thought there was a different and more interesting story to tell".

Although the narrative is essentially the same as the original film, the script has been adapted for the stage and augmented to dive deeper into the relationships, motives and resolves of the characters. It promises not to be the “campy” version some have come to think, but a dark, intense dramatic thriller.

It will pose to their audience two simple questions with more than a few complex answers:  What is humanity… and at what point do we lose it?

Under the stage direction of Rodney Smith, Night of The Living Dead features Scott Cameron, Paul Matthew Gallaher, Carrie Kimbrell Kimzey, Darren Marshall, Eamon Martin, DiAnna Ritola, and Drez Ryan.

Performances run begin at 7:30 p.m. Audience Talk Back sessions follow Friday and Saturday performances (excluding Nov. 19th).