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Nine breweries in one hellacious Halloween Eve — The devil made me do it

By Paul Viau | Oct 26, 2016
Photo by: File photo DOUBLE, DOUBLE TOIL AND TROUBLE — Enjoy the Oct. 30 simultaneous release of wicked and devilish Halloween brews from nine South Slope brewers — FIRE BURN AND CALDRON BUBBLE.

There is something about Halloween that brings out the devil in both the breweries and the craft beer enthusiasts who so avidly support them. And why not.

Children have their own special night — going from door to door, trunk to trunk or store to store — having a devil of a good time trick-or-treating.

Adults deserve their own hellacious good time — running, walking or crawling (if that’s what it takes) in search of Halloween’s wet and wickedest brews.

Did you know? Asheville’s infamous South Slope (aka — the Brewing District) is hosting a celebration of Halloween craft brewing creativity on Halloween Eve.

It’s aptly named, Devil’s Night, but this pre-Halloween event kicks-off in the daytime, starting at 3 p.m., Sunday, Oct. 30, with the simultaneous release of a uniquely and devilishly creative ‘Devils Night Beer’ by each of the nine South Slope breweries,

The participating breweries are some of Asheville’s biggest and best:

Asheville Brewing

Bhramari Brewing

Burial Brewing

Catawba Brewing

Green Man Brewing

Hi-Wire Brewing

Twin Leaf Brewing

Wicked Weed Brewing

Wicked Weed Funkatorium

Each brewery will be ‘doing its own thing’ — not only releasing its own cauldron of creative Halloween brew — but celebrating both day and night with their own, unique special events.

The South Slope’s breweries have come together with the following rules of engagement.

Rules of Devil’s Night

  1. Participating breweries shall not talk to other breweries about their Devil’s Night brews or creative plans for the night.
  2. Brewers are encouraged to be creative about whatever they want to be creative about —  the beer, the party, costumes and games. Each brewery gets to chose its own, creative approach
  3. Brewers will support one-another, with no bad attitudes. It’s election season, but party-goers are encouraged to talk about beer — not politics — for the night.
  4. Party-goers can ‘bring their own game and/or game plan’ — Visit one or two breweries or all nine; where a costume, or not; take a dinner break, or not.

That being said — I can’t imagine sampling great beer on the South Slope — Halloween Eve, or any other time — without sitting down for incredible barbecue at Buxton Hall Barbecue, which was recently named by “Bon Appetit” magazine as one of 2016’s top 10 new restaurants in the U.S.A. or pairing a beer with artisanal baked goods from Vortex Donuts, or delicacies from French Broad Chocolates. — Just sayin’ — My wife and I plan to make a day of Devil’s Night, and she has graciously agreed to be the designated driver.

Speaking of DD — in my humble opinion, those letters should always stand for “Designated Driver — not “Drunk Driver” — so please drink responsibly on Devil’s night, and every night.

One technique my wife and I have used to exercise control and drink in moderation is to order half-pours. You can try more beers that way without getting into a Devil of a predicament.

You can also use the ABV (Alcohol by Volume) to help moderate your drinking. Simply set a cumulative ABV limit for your Devils night of sampling craft beer, based on your past experience. Mine, for example, is 22 (my lucky number) — so I could possibly have three pints of 7 percent ABV beer, or four pints of 5 percent beer — with a short waiting period in between, of course.

Since there are nine breweries participating in Devil’s Night, I would have to do half pours to sample all the beers in one session, or (more responsibly) order tastes to determine which brews I want to enjoy a half pour or full pint.

Get my drift?

Anyway, look for my wife and I starting either on Banks Avenue or the aptly named Wicked Weed — everything is downhill from there.

I’ll be wearing a big smile and a cap that says it all, “Got Beer.”