Nine Year Old Boy Donates to Sugar Plum

By Jenny Wood | Dec 20, 2013

The Haywood County Schools Foundation is assisting with the Sugar Plum Project again this year. This year marks the 27th Anniversary of the Sugar Plum Project. In 1986, local businesses and community members decided to provide Christmas for elementary students in the school system with a very special day. For the last 27 years names of students have been placed on Christmas trees in local businesses and banks. People in our community take the names from the trees and purchase gifts for these students.

This year, Jenny Wood, Executive Director of the Haywood County Schools Foundation received an extra-special donation.


Dear Jenny,

“Odin came home from Bible Club last week and said that Ms. Robin had suggested they take one item from their Christmas list and donate it to charity. Well, Odin took that to heart. He has an awesome heart! He took the most expensive item off his Santa list. I am enclosing a picture of it and a picture of Odin. We are dividing the money between Sugar Plum and the Salvation Army. God Bless in all you continue to do for the students of Haywood County Schools”


Jenny Wood stated, “This nine year old knows what it means to have a giving heart and truly understand the message that it is far greater to give than to receive. We are so thankful for this special student and his family for the valuable lessons they are sharing.”

Ms. Wood explained that the gift Odin took off his Santa wish list was valued at $350. Odin’s mother sent a check for $175 to the Foundation designated for the Sugar Plum Project

Last year Haywood County Schools and the Foundation were able to provide approximately 100 children with a very special holiday season.  People in the community and the school system purchased much needed clothing, shoes, garments and toys.

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