No more shoes blues

By Kristian Buckner | Jun 04, 2014
Photo by: Kristian Buckner Kenzie Guerrero

Warm weather is finally here, and with that comes sun dresses, summer shoes, and spending a lot of time outdoors.

As a shoe lover, I always find myself turning to heels, or for warmer weather, wedges. Since I’m petite, heels give me the height I want, and as Christian Louboutin said, heels lift you physically and emotionally. But for walking around all day, shopping, going to concerts, or even date night, heels can often do more harm than good, leaving your feet blistered and swollen.

So do your feet a favor this summer, here’s some helpful tips how to dress for your favorite summer activity stylishly and comfortably. In my die hard desire to wear heels, which I have before worn until my feet bled, I always look for them to spruce up any outfit for going out.

I brave it up hills and across cobblestone, attempting to defy gravity and not break my ankles. But like many girls, I eventually reach that marker where I would rather go barefoot than wear my heels for one more second. I’ve even gone to a mall to buy comfier shoes just so I could have that escape.

While the obvious answer here is to just ditch the stilletoes all together, for the ladies out there like me who are not entirely willing to do that, there are other options.

Bring back up — The first helpful hint is to always bring a pair of comfortable shoes — that match. That way you don’t have to give up your heels entirely and half way through your adventures when you have less energy and start stumbling over your own feet, you can change into something that you know already matches.

If you bring a spare then you don’t have to worry about your achy feet all night, nor will you be tempted to go barefoot. If you keep one pair of sporty shoes in your car and one pair of sandals you’ll be prepared for anything that happens.

If you carry a handbag, you can also never go wrong with Dr. Scholls “Fast Flats,” these babies fold up and fit perfectly in any bag. Not only are they small and easy to carry, but they’re also comfortable. Just don’t forget your heels behind when you toss them for emergency flats, you’ll be looking for them later.

Substitute sandals or sneakers — Sometimes though, heels just won’t work. If you’re going to a festival or a carnival for example where you’ll be walking on unpaved ground or simply walking a lot, just go ahead and put flats on ahead of time. You don’t have to wear heels to complete that cute outfit.

Strappy sandals, flats, like Toms, or even colorful sneakers, like Converse or Keds will work just fine. Done the right way, colorful sneakers can look great with that girly dress you own, it’ll be comfortable as well as give you a bit of a sporty look.

This way, you can focus all your energies into having a good time rather than discomfort in your feet. For long skirts and maxi dresses, stick to flats or sandals; sneakers bulk up this look making it unflattering. Flats and sandals on the other hand tend to act similarly to wedges or pumps in the sense that it feminizes the look, as opposed to the opposite that is sneakers, which gives you a more fun and sporty look.

So if your look for the evening is a pair of shorts or pants, pairing them with a sandal or flat and a dressier top can give you the pretty style you’re looking for. So, while heels may give you that extra boost you need at times, flats, sandals, and sneakers can be just as cute for a go-to summer outfit. Neither style nor comfort should be forfeited; if you pair appropriately and think ahead of time, packing a spare, both style and comfort can go hand-in-hand.