North Canton Elementary career day

By Sara Jenkins | Dec 18, 2013
Jake Savage and Cody Henson show students the ins and outs of being a ferrier.

On Tuesday, Dec. 3, North Canton Elementary School held a school-wide career day.

The teachers wanted to show the students what a wonderful place Haywood County is to live and work, and showcase many of the professions that are available to them in the area.

College and career readiness is a very large part of the Common Core Standards. As educators, we believe that it is important to have students thinking about what they wish to do when they grow up, starting in kindergarten. There were many different professionals working in Haywood County who came to talk about their career.

Classroom teachers took their students on a rotation which allowed them to hear about five different speakers.

Students were very inspired and excited about seeing all of the different people tell about their job. One fourth grader listened to Erin Boyd, an interior designer, and when the student returned to her classroom, she said, “I think interior design is for me!”

Each child filled out a short survey afterward about which careers they liked best. It has been amazing to see how inspired the children were in just that short afternoon.

Wendy Underwood, a teacher at NCE, said, “I thought that career day was wonderful.  The day helped my kindergarteners begin to think about the options that they have for the future.  It fostered discussions about wants and needs which is very appropriate this time of year. One of my little girls had her hair braided by the cosmetologist, and I watched her beam and stroke the braid on the playground, and the troopers helped my students understand that they carry weapons to help people stay safe, not to search for people and lock them up. I hope that this can become an annual event!”

Speakers said they enjoyed the event as well, especially when they were able to see how they could impact a child’s day, and also inspire them for the future.

Each presenter made sure to talk about education and how it will be important to kids and their futures.

Dr. Bill Snyder, a local vet, told Lisa Holland’s fourth grade class, “If you are a good student and you have the willpower and you want to go and become a professional, and move back to Haywood County, then you can, because I did.”

He informed them that he had been a Pisgah Bear, something students at NCE can relate to.

According to both teachers and students, the event was a success.

Elizabeth Smith, a second grader, was excited to tell how she felt.

"It was awesome!," she said. "We got to see all kinds of jobs and it gave me inspiration about what I want to be when I grow up."

Speakers included Zeb Smathers, Mike Ray, Tony McGaha, Skip Thompson, Blake Jenkins, Erin Boyd, Brittany Boyd, Justina Goodman, Elizabeth McGuire, Dr. Bill Snyder, Butch Bridges, Trooper Jordan Parton, Sgt. Hugh Fineburg, Levi Allen, Juan Martinez, Cara Rogers, Jake Savage, Cody Henson, Karen Ferguson, Sarah Fowler and Dann Jesse.

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