Not So Old Toys and Comics

By Eric S. Brown | Oct 12, 2016
Photo by: Eric S. Brown Not So Old Toys and Comics, located at 129 Main St, Canton, NC 28716.

When I heard that a comic shop had opened in Canton, I was rather stunned.  Like so many other collectors in Waynesville and Canton, I was making the commute to Chandler or Asheville to get my superhero fix.  Now, I hope to change that and support a more local business in the process.

The new store , “Not So Old Toys and Comics”, is located on main street Canton.  After paying it a visit, I have to say the shop has a very impressive assortment of toys ranging from DC and Marvel figures to Star Wars and so much more.  The shop also has a small selection of back issue comics ranging from books like the original Rom # 1 from the 70s to the Frank Miller Wolverine series from the 80s.  At this time, Not So Old Toys and Comics doesn’t carry monthly new comics but the owner promises that will be changing once the store becomes more established.

Justice Rogers, the store’s owner, was kind enough to answer a few questions about the new store.

So what prompted you to open a comic shop in Canton and where exactly are you located?

Rogers:  I love the small town where everyone knows your atmosphere. I am located at 129 Main St, Canton, NC 28716.

Can you tell us some about the type of stuff you carry?

Rogers:  We carry vintage and new comic books with collectible toys. We also carry comic book related items. We will have new comics, t-shirts, novels, posters, and other cool comic related stuff.

Are you going to have any events going on at the store?

Rogers:  Yes, We will be doing a cosplay costume partying in October, we will have family movie nights, Free Comic Book Day, and other fun-filled events for the community and families.

Do you have a favorite comic character and if so, who?

Rogers:  My favorite comic book character is Aquaman-King of the Sea. He is strong, fast, loyal, a king of a underwater nation. He can control sea life. He swims as fast as Superman can fly in the water. He controls the largest portion of our world -The Oceans.

Rogers also stated that “We want to be a place where everyone feels welcome. A place where you can reminisce about the past from your youth and introduce kids to the new. We want to be the comic book and collectible toy store that everyone is talking about in Canton.”

Rogers seems very knowledge about the comics and toys his store carries and very willing to track down harder to find items not already on hand.  The atmosphere of the store is a very friendly one and not the “used car salesmen” approach one finds in some Asheville shops.   Not So Old Toys and Comics is a beautifully laid out store that reeks of coolness the moment you walk through the door. If you’re a comic fan or toy collector, I can’t urge you enough to swing by and check it out.