Nov. 23 reader letters

Nov 21, 2012

Canton Lions offer matching donations

To the editor:

During this holiday season and tough economic times, charities are struggling to meet all the varying needs of our community. The Canton Lions Club has offered to match donations of up to $2,000 to the Community Kitchen in Canton.

As the president of the Canton Lions Club, I am challenging other businesses, organizations, churches and individuals to step up and make similar offers to a Haywood County nonprofit organization of their choice.

There are many great nonprofits providing wonderful services in our community. Among those are The Open Door, Circles of Haywood County, Haywood Christian Ministry, Broyhill Children’s Home, Habitat for Humanity, Mountain Projects, The American Red Cross, ARC of Haywood County and the Good Samaritan Clinic, to mention just a few.

I would personally recommend the Community Kitchen, Circles of Haywood County, a start up ministry designed to equip the poor and move them out of poverty, and the Good Samaritan Clinic.  Further, I challenge the media to make known the efforts made toward making Haywood County a better place for all to live.

As we approach this holiday season let us, the citizens of Haywood County, look outside of our own wants and see if we can meet some of our own community’s needs.  Haywood County is a great place to live— let’s make it better for every citizen, rich or poor.

Monty Williams

President, Canton Lions Club


Thanks for attention to peace

To the editor:

Thank you for your interest in and coverage of our 2012 Lake Junaluska Peace conference. We are indebted to you for the pre-conference publicity as well as the coverage of the conference.

In particular I want to thank you for the supportive editorial you wrote  after the Conference. It was meaningful to all of us who believe that these conferences do play a meaningful role in the universal search for a peaceful world.

We will continue to try to bring to our community notable persons who can challenge us in this search.

Thank you, also, for the excellent article that Stina Sieg wrote in The Guide centering on Mrs. Leymah Gbowee.

The article was so well done and it highlighted the role of our youth in helping us find and follow the road that leads to a peaceful world.

Garland Young, chairman

Lake Junalaska Peace Conference