Nov. 25 reader letters

Nov 22, 2013

Don’t cheapen town by caving on sign standards

To the editor:

It is a source of concern that the Waynesville planning board is trying to please a small minority of businesses by initiating a cheap look into the town with bigger, uglier and more garish signs.

Waynesville has founded its currently good tourist reputation on being “quaint” not on looking like Pigeon Forge!

Do the planners know the difference between the words class and crass?

JoAnna Swanson


Creative ways are emerging to help others

To the editor:

The newspapers in our area have been full of new and creative groups popping up in our county to join with those who are already helping the hungry and poverty-stricken folks.

This is more than awesome.  It means that when the government (for whatever reason) steps back that “we the people” step up.

Torpy Skinner


Facts show politics are extreme

To the editor,

A recent apparent supporter said that calling the Tea Party extremist was silly. Many of the Tea Party actions are not only extreme, but highly biased.

Tea Party supporters often go back to the fact that a Republican Senate passed a bill to abolish slavery in 1864.

What they conveniently forget is that 100 years later, a Democratic president and Congress passed the Civil Rights Act in attempting to establish equality. That is when a lot of the segregationist Democrats in the South became segregationist Republicans.

Lyndon Johnson knew that passing the Civil Rights Act would lose much of the South for some Democrats over the course of a generation or more, but he did it anyway because it was the right thing to do.

Much of the name-calling and disrespect aimed at the current president cannot be attributed to his policies or politics.

Most of Obamacare comes straight from the conservative Heritage Foundation and Republican proposals.

He has adopted Republican positions on any number of issues over the past five years, but Republicans have persisted in trying to undermine all his efforts.

To argue that the Tea Party portrayal of Obama as a witchdoctor with a bone through his nose does not reflect racism is ridiculous. Saying that the Tea Party is extreme does not sound silly at all.

Hugh Burford



Consider rules on historic district signage

To the editor:

Thank you for the articles on Waynesville’s sign ordinance. Our town is beautifuland we are grateful for the support of the citizens and dedicated town staff.

It is with pride that we note the attractive landscaping, cleanliness, cooperation and now the Chistmas decorations plus much more.

We are also proud of the historic district designation. Are there sign ordinance guidelines for that designation?

Much work has gone into accomplishing the place our town holds today. Thank you for upholding and continuing the work.

Claudia Ogden