Now that the 2013 is here, what do we expect

By Jeff Schumacher | Jan 03, 2013

Now that we all made it through the Dec. 21 deadline, and the hustle and bustle of the holiday season is behind us, what can we expect in the year 2013?

I am hopeful that Congress and the President can get along well enough to pass some meaningful legislation and help turn our country around. We have chipped away at Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid; lost our way in the fight to educate our children; and have even lost the true meaning of the word bipartisanship. Unless something drastic happens, I fear small business owners, like many of us here in Haywood County, will suffer the after-effects of a Washington that can’t help us get the economy turned around. We are counting on them — both Republican and Democrat.

Closer to home, we have a Republican Governor who says he wants to bring more jobs to North Carolina by creating incentives. I have been in enough economic development meetings to know that incentives are something other states have been extremely aggressive with. North Carolina, by nature, doesn’t give many incentives. Rather, local entities are left to figure out creative ways to lure new business. I’m hopeful the state will help us in efforts of economic development, and we can find some new and exciting businesses to locate within our region.

In Haywood County, I can feel the entrepreneurial spirit in full gear. There have been some store closings in the past year that just broke my heart to see. And, I imagine there will be more in the coming year. However, it looks as though our housing industry is coming back a little. I was discussing this with a couple of builders and construction owners the other day, and they seem to think that things are picking up. Of course, not to the tune they were five years ago, but they are willing to take it one step at a time.

Realtors feel the same way. Most of the Realtors I have spoken with have had better success in 2012 than in the previous years. They think the market is starting to turn a little, due to low interest rates and willing sellers. That means people who couldn’t afford a larger home, but desperately need one, may be a prime candidate in 2013.

As for us here at The Mountaineer, we remain dedicated to covering the news, sports, events and everything else happening in Haywood County. We will continue to look for better ways to tell the stories, all the while staying true to our roots here in Haywood County. And, occasionally, we’ll get some things wrong. But, that’s OK. It won’t deter us from trying again.

I hope each and every one of you have a prosperous 2013. If we all pull hard enough in the same direction; help our neighbors when they need it; and continue to demand that our leaders move our country, county, and cities in a positive direction, I am hopeful we can look at 2013 as the year of rebuilding, and a year of prosperity for Haywood County.

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